Learning Center is to empower students to lead success

Christian Preparatory Learning Center is an independent, co-educational, college and vocational preparatory, Christian school serving students grades 3 – 12.  The school is located at 230 East Merritt Island Causeway, Suite 106, Merritt Island, Florida.

   Christian Prep offers each of its students the opportunity to succeed both academically and vocationally.  Our school’s academic program meets and often exceeds Florida Sunshine State Standards and is designed to help students achieve a successful admission into college.    

   Our school utilizes curriculum provided by Accelerated Christian Education and meets accreditation standards in the State of Florida.  ACE curriculum provides every student with the ability to achieve a complete education through evaluation and proper placement within the curriculum.  ACE curriculum is mastery-based; Before progressing from one lesson to another, students must demonstrate a minimum of 80% proficiency.  Utilizing the results of entry evaluations in English and math, each student’s curriculum is individually designed to help them progress forward at a pace best suited to their learning abilities.  Students graduating from ACE schools are accepted in over 1,500 colleges and universities through the world.

   Through partnerships with community businesses and industries, Christian Prep also provides students with the ability to prepare and succeed in a vocational career.  Utilizing opportunities to learn a skill or trade while attending high school allows Christian Prep graduates to quickly step into career opportunities.

   Christian Prep also addresses the concerns of students who have fallen behind in grade level.  Through the use of ACE curriculum and individualized courses of study, students can move more rapidly towards achieving their proper age-based grade level.

       Christian Prep is compliant with all requirement of the Florida Department of Education and is authorized to accept both the John McKay and Florida Tax Credit Scholarships.  The requirements for enrollment of students with these scholarships are as follows:

   Students with a McKay Scholarship must be enrolled 30 days prior to the first day of September, November, February or April of the school year.

  • Parents of students registering to use the McKay Scholarship for the first time must file a letter of intent with the Office of Independent Education and Parental Choice no less than 60 days prior to enrollment.
  • Students registered in a Florida Public School who have an Individual Education Plan (IEP) are automatically qualified for the John McKay Scholarship.
  • Students attending a Florida Public school and living in low income households may apply for the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship  at any time, but must remain in public school until their scholarship has been approved.
  • Students receiving free lunches in a Florida Public School qualify for the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship.
  • Useful resources on admission: personal statement writing help.